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  1. If there is anything you can reccomend for me that I should consider for this build please let me know...Other bits of info...Have new waterpump, oilpump, using a 670 Avenger carb...might be a little light? It is going into a 97 SB Silverado...
  2. Hi there,
    I have a few questions for you as you seem to have the knowledge I need to answer my questions.
    I have an 05 5.3 Chev engine with very low kms. I have purchaced a set of 05 LS2 heads complete from Carlos @CVS, An Edelbrock performer RPM carb conversion kit with their version of the MSD box and wiring, the cam is a Comp cams XR275HR-12.
    Will the LS2 yellow springs on the 243 heads be fine with this cam? I am told they are good for .560 lift and the cam lift is in that area. 220/224 562/568
    The stock 5.3 with the stock heads have a comp ratio of 9.5-1 with the 61 cc comb chamber and the 243 have a approx 64 cc comb chamber so I will go down to 9.1-1 comp with these heads.What is a safe amount I can mill these 243 heads down such that I can try and keep my ratio of 9.5-1? maybe a .020 to .030 milling would help with a thin head gasket?

    I will gladly stop by some day with a case of your favorite beverage for your help.

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