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    hahahahahahaha DEVO!Get with it already!
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    Quote Originally Posted by 89-IROC View Post
    Hello again gang! It's been years since I've been on this forum and the car has been parked for at least the last 3 years! I finally got sick of just looking at it in the garage and said, "#*@& it! I'm going to drive MY car again that I worked so hard on"! I called the insurance company, got registration the next day, cleaned the throttle body and rotated the tires. Washed and waxed her. Went for a cruise, tunes cranked, windows down for 3 hours! The best feeling I've had in a long time! The other best feeling was taking my 5 year old son for a cruise this weekend and listening to The Cars Greatest Hits! We called the car Lightning McQueen! LOL! This is the first time he and I cruised in the IROC!
    And still no pics!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AllGo'N'Show View Post
    And still no pics!!
    Its only been 12 years.
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