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    Hey guys and gals, my name is Sergey and some of you have met me in person, like Kris (White GTP) and Juicy.

    I bought this car (97 teal 4dr GTP) 4 years ago from CMP for 16g's. Babied it for 3 years, did a few upgrades, such as full stereo (now without subs), 3.4", FWI, u-bend/res delete, DHP. Tinted the taillights, all-around tint and a few small appearance mods here and there. Has very good tired on it with little wear (Bridgestone Turanza's ls-v)
    Due to personal issues the car was given to my ex to drive for a year, as I was working at Stampede Pontiac and transportation wasnt a problem. She ended up crashing it and getting a DUI same night. The car was given back to me mostly fixed up. Now I dont have the means or the will to get it back up to the pristine condition it used to be in and thinking about getting rid of it for cheap.

    So, the bad

    - needs windshield
    - has SE front bumper on it (a shop fuck-up)
    - missing lower plastic panels on both sides
    - tranny acting weird sometimes, could be time for a rebuild or just something electrical, as I didnt bag on it all that much
    - gas guage acting weird, prolly just the sensor
    - heater could use a new resistor

    Other than that, the car runs fine, idles at 750, still has plenty of power and looks ( I went with the sleeper theme for that one).

    Hurts to get rid of it, but I`m back in school and could really use the money.

    Shoot me any offers or suggestions, if anyone is looking for an affordable GTP that can be built up to this is it

    Thank you in advance

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    how much are you looking for and any current pics
    Grudge races gladly accepted

    Best Et: 8.47@164.5 on 275 drag radials(CD1)

    Best ET:7.54@191.5 on 315 drag radials (CD2)
    So far on 275s (3460lbs)4.76@152 (72mm turbos)

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    edit: picture update

    7000 obo

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