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Thread: Any suggestions?

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    Hey it in NP . . . the more classes the Alberta boys win the better we look . . . oh and your tip for the day . . . winning at the shoot out has as much to do with being able to drive the car as it does with what kind of numbers it makes. Get out to the track early and often, practice practice practice.

    90 Cougar XR-7, fully loaded,5 Speed<br /><br /><br />Internally Stock, 280,000 KMS, 4100 lbs, 13&#039;s&nbsp; . . . not bad.

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    50's or 60's and are you getting the 10 rib setup from MP?

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    No, no and no

    I'm rushing the heads and cam because I want to get a retune when he comes back but I MUST do the transmission this spring/early summer. I can't go blowing money on fancy add-ons.
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    What happened to...."just bolt on items only"

    Wrenching isn't that bad, and I don't mind getting my hands dirty. Let me know when everything arrives
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    Default Any suggestions

    I have a non res milltek cat back that Ill be selling, as soon as I can get my hands on a used resonated cat back to swap out with... non res sounds awesome, but Im too old for this shit...

    If you were passing j11 m25 any time soon, happy to demo.

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