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Thread: Any suggestions?

  1. Default Any suggestions?

    I have a customer looking to drop around 5g's on his 1990 supercharged coupe. I have not done any work on these things yet and thought I would post up for some ideas on the best direction to take.

    Thanks guys,

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    What are his end goals? Does he just want to spend 5K? 13's? 12's? Auto? Stick? How many miles? What condition is the motor in right now?

    Gimmie some details and we can get you going.

    90 Cougar XR-7, fully loaded,5 Speed<br /><br /><br />Internally Stock, 280,000 KMS, 4100 lbs, 13&#039;s&nbsp; . . . not bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Cat Davo
    What are his end goals? Does he just want to spend 5K? 13's? 12's? Auto? Stick? How many miles? What condition is the motor in right now?

    Gimmie some details and we can get you going.

    I will have to call him and get some more info. He works with a good customer out in the field and just called up and said he has 5 or 6 g's to spend. I have not seen the car to verify its condition but my friend says it is cherry. I guess for the time being we can just go on the assumption that it is solid and sound. His goals are just to make it as fast as possible for the money alocated.

    Thanks for any help you can give, and please build in an 80 buck an hour shop rate in the factor.


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    call me cooky, but werent the 90 supercoupes the 3.8?

    - R
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    VROY . . . how about stick to something you know about . . . the bottom end torque on these cars are already nuts . . . I put down 375 to the wheels at 2700 RPM, does that sound like it needs more bottom end torque?

    Martin, the stock bottom end, if in good condition with a good tune will hold up to a considerable amount of power. Right now his biggest bottleneck is the first gen blower and inlet plenum. Right now you can source a used Magnaport II blower and inlet plenum for around $1000.00 this will support 350 RWHP no problems. A new (well freshly rebuilt) Magnaport III blower and inlet can be had for 1500 USD. This will require quite a few other mods, and 400 RWHP is accessable.

    For around 3000 USD a 1.7L Autorotor can be had, which had mad in excess of 400 RWHP on these cars and over 600 on a build motor with spray. Bone stock motors have produced 300 RWHP with the 1.7L AR.

    Regardless of the blower he will need

    CAI (check out Magnum powers)
    a TB (75MM from PP will be fine)
    a MAF 75mm of larger
    injectors 42lb min, 60 lbs if he gets the Autorotor 1.7L blower (more to follow on that)
    255lph FI fuel pump
    Upgraded Intercooler. Front Mount from Magnun Powers is one of the best, there are a multitude of custom set ups both front mounts as well as stock location IC's
    IC fan
    Underdrive pullies (Aluminum Pullies from SCI are the best I beilve SCP is the vender)
    custom exhasut. Ported 95 manifolds flow well, for the budget minded. Kooks Mid length headers for the SC are a little better, but a much more money.
    the longer the resonator the better.

    in order to hit 300 RWHP with anything other than the 1.7L AR the heads will need to be worked and the cam swapped. The Cam does not need to be overly agressive.

    He will need a chip and a tune. SCT stuff seems to work well with the SC's

    I am looking at doing my motor right now, and was looking at spending 5000K as well, the differance is I have a lot of the supporting mods already.

    check out for a good idea on the prices of the supporting hardware. Whatever is left as far as the money goes will give you an idea of wether or not he can afford headwork, or for you to get into the motor.

    A word of caution. these cars go through headgaskets like a fat man goes through free appetizers. If the cars head gaskets have never been does all this work may result in popping them very soon.

    A rebuild of the top end, regardless of the condition with quality MLS head gaskets may be the best first choice . . . this is spendy however, and I would guess you shop would charge around 1600 for parts and labour to the the head gaskets on a supercoupe. this is a big part of his budget and will not make him any faster.

    90 Cougar XR-7, fully loaded,5 Speed<br /><br /><br />Internally Stock, 280,000 KMS, 4100 lbs, 13&#039;s&nbsp; . . . not bad.

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    its nice finally seeing someone who knows wtf they are talking about chime in on this, good work Davo!
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    Thank you Very much Dave, that is the exact kind of direction I was looking for. I will post back once I have the quote all done or if I have more questions.


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    Where was the insult? I didn't say you did not know jack shit. I said you should stick to what you do know. Implying that you were a little out of your league with the SC advice. I stand by that.

    You have a lot of experience with MN12's? The 3.8l V6 specifically? What if I told you the fastest SC in the world right now (10.6's @ 128, 4000 lb race weight) is running a stock rear suspension with no problems? Aftermarket axle's, currently only available through Raxels are junk. All the highest HP SC's, including ones running 1.5 short times are still on the stock half shafts.

    What exactly do you disagree with? While my car is certainly not fast by performance shop standards it is the one of the fastest stock engined super coupe in the world. (Check out the Feb Issue of Ford builder magazine for proof, you will see my White cougar and me listed as the the 2006 Super Coupe Shootout Super Stock Champion.) When it comes to offering advice on how to spend and what to change in order to make his SC a little bit quicker.

    So please feel free to add some more advice, but some generic, more blower/port and polish, do the suspension shit is not was Martin was after, but it looks like all you had to offer.

    90 Cougar XR-7, fully loaded,5 Speed<br /><br /><br />Internally Stock, 280,000 KMS, 4100 lbs, 13&#039;s&nbsp; . . . not bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vroy
    Why do people resort to insulting others when they have a difference of opinion? If you want to take what I have written and tell me why you disagree I would be glad to hear it. I believe in maximizing the torque all the way across the band, putting the power to the ground, and preventing things from breaking. i.e. ( Torque boxes, input shafts )

    And yes it does sound like you need more torque. Why do you think Toma is so fast. It ain't max hp it is the area under the curve.

    I disagree with a lot of what you said. But I am happy to let people make their own mistakes and learn from them.

    Dude - you didn't even realize a 90 "Supercoupe" was a 3.8L supercharged car.... not a 2.3 turbo or a 5.0. I think you've been owned here for dishing out bullshit.

    Dave could build one of these in his sleep... in fact I'm sure he does.
    30th Anniversary Trans Am #1321, Vortech Supercharged LS1, Complete Road Race Suspension, Custom tuned by Davenport, Competition Stereo System.<br />&quot;11 Second Car, 13 Second Driver.... together we run 12's&quot;

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vroy
    I repied off the home page recent topics, so mellow. When Martin said 1990 supercharged coupe. I assumed 5.0 L

    The preformance products stuff still sucks.
    LOL, I guess I should have been clearer that it was a super coupe. Imagine my embarassment if someone thought I was asking how to build a supercharged 5.0, I think I have kicked enough of those out the door to know my shit.
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