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Thread: Putting a 5.0 in a SC??

  1. Default Putting a 5.0 in a SC??

    LOL.... ok, don't kill me lol. How hard/easy is this? What all is needed?

    I scored a cheap explorer motor that just needs a quick re-ring..... I was gonna put it in the 1983 Mustang, but with a 150 shot of juice, it sure would wake the bird up.... and be reliable lol

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    This should get you started. Just don't wimp out on the 3.8.

    Best time 13.01@100.5mph for the T-Bird SC - SOLD
    Best ET 11.010 Best MPH 124 for the 2.3L Mustang - Parted Out
    Best ET 8.46 Best MPH 160 for the 80mm SBE 5.3L Mustang

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