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    Thought I'd just share some pics of my Pinto, Picked this car up on Ebay for $104 US it was sitting in a farmers field near Billings Montana for the last 10 years. Made the 2000km round trip on feb 11 to pick it up. Here is the specs
    Chassis type:71 Ford Pinto trunk, 6 point cage

    short block mods/compression ratio/displacement:2.3 untouched
    head/port work/valve size: big valve, mild porting
    cam specs/degrees adv-ret: Comp 268h .438lift straight up
    intake/throttle body: knifed lower rotated upper,supercoupe tb
    intercooler:12x22x3 ebay air/air 2.5" ic pipe
    nitrous system/shot size: zex dry 60 shot
    exhaust manifold: Homade log type
    turbo:HX35 Holset
    wastegate: 40mm external (ssauto)
    exhaust size:3"
    engine management: Holley Commander 950 3bar map 85lb injectors 255 pump
    a/f ratio, total timing, boost: 22psi so far
    fuel octane/brand/leaded or unleaded:94 oct, pump gas
    hp@rpm:300 so far
    trq@rpm:300 so far
    flex plate/flywheel:stock pinto
    convertor/clutch:restalled pinto 2200 rpm stall
    transmission:C4, tci manual valvebody
    rear/ratio/tire type/tire size:8" posi,3.00,26x10.5 ET streets
    Race weight without driver:2020
    ET/MPH:Nothing yet

    Feb 11 2007


    IC pipes tig'd by revhard

    Ebay ad pic

    2280lb with driver

    Infamous Automotive
    Just making a old pile as fast as possible, Da Pinto 9.79@137
    Dirty shop truck 10.8's@126 4600lbs Sold!
    The "PO-MOD" Twin turbo LS Chevette.

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    HaHa, man that thing is cool.
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    awsome i cant wait to see it run
    White 90 LX coupe 302 turbo 5 speed

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    was that at the road kind on saturday

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    Damn, that Looks good eh!
    10s w/o the 60 shot on high boost.

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    You gotta paint it though... even if its spray bomb

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    a/f ratio, total timing, boost: 22psi so far
    fuel octane/brand/leaded or unleaded:94 oct, pump gas
    hp@rpm:300 so far
    trq@rpm:300 so far

    thats fuckin hysterical!,... I want to be informed when it is to be unleashed upon the suckers from,....

    I require a personal viewing of the thrashing about to be given!
    Shhhhhh!,.. I'm on Don's IGNORE list,... or at least that's what he he said, but he's lied before,... FREQUENTLY!

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    When's it going to be at the track?
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    awsome man can't wait to see some smack down layed at the track

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