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    is anyone else having a problem loading the Western Canada Grand Prix Club Page or is it just me?

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    It's been down over 2 weeks now. Wondered if the administrator is on holidays

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    1971 camaro 12.54 @ 106.99     1999 GTP 14.75 @ 93.48

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    Hey you can try this is the new web address, and forum.
    99 GTP, CAI, 72mm TB, P&P M90 blower, Intercooled, P&P LIM, 3.0" pulley, 1.8 RR's, P&P manis, 42# injectors Magnaflow 3" exhaust, Overkill PCM, Powerslot brake upgrade w/ Hawk pads, BMR suspension upgrade, Eibachs, KYB struts, 18" MM Action II wheels

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