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Thread: Thinking about buying

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    Default Thinking about buying

    I'm in the market looking for a decent GTP.
    Can you guys shed some light for me as to what the weak spots are and what to avoid.
    I'm going to look at a 01 GTP 2 door this weekend and would like to be more informed about these cars.
    Any tips appreciated!
    1991 Pontiac Trans Am
    2001 Pontiac GTP
    2009 Pontiac G8
    2010 Chev Silverado

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    Usual stuff when buying any car of course. As well watch for a sagging ass end, usually means it was driven hard. The blower - listen for any big rattles or anything that would indicate bad bearings. That is about all I can think of. Has it been modified at all that you know of?

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    Default Re: Thinking about buying

    Transmission! Drive it hard to see if it slips or if it has lazy shifts.. in Perf Mode the car should shift faster than normal. Regardless, have the transmission flushed and serviced if you buy it.

    These cars can be hard on CV boots.. look for cracking, especially on the outers.

    Valve cover gaskets are another common problem.. had to do mine with only 40K on the car. Look for seepage along the back of the block as well as the front.

    Have fun.
    2004 SRT-4... black.

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    Default Re: Thinking about buying

    Thanks guys!
    As far as I know the car is stock.
    Can't wait to drive/see it.

    I just passed on a 99 GTP 4 door for 6 grand.Price was right but it had
    200,000 km's on it.
    The back of the block was a bit wet.
    I also noted that the drivers side CV boot was cracked. Both mufflers also had cracks on the welds.
    Apart from that, the car hauled serious ass. Felt really strong.The tranny had smooth shifts when I got on it. All switches worked and the interior was mint.

    I'm trying to be patient!
    1991 Pontiac Trans Am
    2001 Pontiac GTP
    2009 Pontiac G8
    2010 Chev Silverado

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    I bought a 2002 2 door GT a few months ago and absolutely love it. I couldnt find a 2 door GTP for a price i could afford so i settled for a GT in great shape and dont regret a thing. good luck hunting.

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    Default Re: Thinking about buying

    I just got home with my 2001 Grand Prix 2 door(bronze mist) GTP!
    And yes, I love it!
    Thanks for the tips guys!
    1991 Pontiac Trans Am
    2001 Pontiac GTP
    2009 Pontiac G8
    2010 Chev Silverado

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    Very Cool! Big congrats!

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    Default Thinking about buying

    Apart from the rusty NSR wheelarch that looks ok for the money. Id talk to the dealer about getting a new MOT on it before buying it, though.

  9. Default Thinking about buying

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