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Thread: resistor problem??????

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    Default resistor problem??????

    anyone had a resistor go for the fuel pump
    if so what were the symptoms
    Ford---at least they circle the problem

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    Default Re: resistor problem??????

    I don't really know what you're talking about, but...

    If you want to do any testing on the pump itself you can get all the carpet out of the trunk, use the top secret fuel hatch and pull the pump out in under 20 minutes. One of those gravy fuel pump jobs for anybody working flat rate.
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    Default Re: resistor problem??????

    Do you mean a relay?

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    Default Re: resistor problem??????

    no not the relay
    it was the resistor
    when the car is at idle it directs the current thru a resistor first to slow the pump down
    and at about 3/4 throttle runs straight voltage to the pump
    so it wont idle
    Ford---at least they circle the problem

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    did you fix this yet?
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    Default Re: resistor problem??????

    yup $70 at the dealership and 15 minites to fix
    was a little dumbfounding trying to pigure out why it would start and then die
    and then also run at WOT but then not at idle
    good thing for the internet cuz if i had to send it to a dealership they could have spent weeks replacing things
    and still not have found the problem
    Ford---at least they circle the problem

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