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Thread: Question on 700 r4?

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    Default Re: Question on 700 r4? Turbo Tony

    You sit there and make "comments" about my decisions. Didn't you do this once before If you want to talk shit about me(Piss and Moan),or "RAG" on me....wait till we meet, to do so. Personal (verbal) insults, here on this board, only pisses me off. For anyone else reading this I will be getting the old Tranny rebuilt as soon as I come to Edmonton again, by the original builder. I have all the parts. Thanks for the interest Calgary SS. I just dropped the Raptor off to be installed and while Coming home I made this decision. So Mark... I will be going by your advice as well. See you soon ...... Paul30
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    Default Re: Question on 700 r4?

    I beleive what Tony was saying is that the Raptor is a bad choice as it is not designed for a low rpm shift point like the sy/ty's require (as well as other things like the converter)

    His point was that the advise was given to you to fix the trans and converter that you had, and all would be well. But against the advise of people who "know" like myself, Tony and Nolan you decided to spend more money on a unit that is not right for the application, as well as now wanting to rebuild the trans you had at another expense.

    You had told me you were sending the trans here to get us to fix it and then..........................

    We could have fixed it, for alot less than $2500 and your problems would have been over. I understand where your coming from with your comments to Tony, but I also side with Tony in the fact that you ask us for advice on what is right (as we've "been there, done that") and then go do something totally opposite.

    I think you better reconsider your thinking towards the actions you are taking as there are few people who really understand these trucks, and I think your pissing them off quickly.

    my 2 cents.

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    Default Re: Question on 700 r4?

    I suppose I let this whole issue get through to me and I reacted to the delivery of the message. I have always tried to solve my own problems. This one has been an Ass Biter! I never heard about the Valve body problem until a fellow mentioned it on the SY/TY board recently. I do remember you telling me about the importance of the Convertor staying with this Trans. With the Help of a Local tranny professional's knowledge, I believed a new Tranny and convertor would be the solution... and it could be done here at home! Hind sight is 20/20. If you would send me the address of the fellow who built the original Transmission (edmonton) it would be appreciated. Thanks ...Paul30
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    Default Re: Question on 700 r4?

    Our tranny guys deals directly through us and prefers no direct customer contact. Best is to send it here and I will deal with it.

    No harm, no foul Paul. I understand the frustrations that come with performance vehicles..........I do it everyday.
    89 Mustang Coupe
    SBF - single plate nitrous system
    26x8.5's (1/8 mile) 5.16 @ 139 mph

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    I think you took my comments a wee bit to personally.

    Like I said I am not trying to rag on you, just telling you the way it is. Perhaps I could have worded it differently .

    My point was that the tranny you had is/was fine, it needs a freshen, at some point they all do. Thats the way the cookie crumbles.

    The deal with the valve body and convertor is this. These goofy little trucks are set up with specific needs, ie high part throttle line pressure, low rpm shift points and a convertor to match the engine/turbo combination. I've been around sytys a long time and seen many a guy with an "off the shelf" super duper tranny fail and cause mulitple problems. You won't be the first and certainly not the last.

    You bought a built truck that has run some stout numbers and has all been sorted out, why try and reinvent the wheel so to speak?

    I didn't intend to "talk shit" about you personally, it was more of a blanket statement about all the other folks who have been down this road, with trannys, turbos, engines, etc. It seems there are alot of people who post all over the internet asking folks questions about what to do about this or that. The trick is to figure out who's advice to listen to and who's to ignore. I just found it a little annoying that several people told you the very same thing and then you went off in a direction no one even mentioned. Maybe I was in a mood, who knows.

    I hope that your tranny works just fine, if it doesn't then at least you have the old one to go back to.

    Like Mark said, send the old one back to him, he can have the convertor cut apart, cleaned out, checked and reassembled.

    Again, I'm not trying to start a war, I'm not the internet jockey/thug type. If your more into solving problems on your own more power to you but there is a wealth of knowledge about these trucks right here in Alberta. I think you'll be far more satisfied with your truck if you chose to use that resource.

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    Default Re: Question on 700 r4?

    Paul, Sometimes it's really to easy to take stuff the wrong way when reading it on the internet!!!! Tony is a super easygoing guy who happens to know these trucks! he's only posting to help guide you down the right path which leads right to Campbell................

    And unfortunately these trucks are a learn as you go process, you would have been told the same thing at any tranny shop you would have went to, because they know transmissions, but know NOTHING about a syty transmissions, which special parts are in it or the ridiculous amount of torque it's going to see!!

    As funny as this sounds, syty owners are very fortunate Tony, Mark and Nolan are as knowledgeable and as local as they are. Most syty'ers anywhere in the world don't have a shop like Campbell just around the corner!

    Hope that help,


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    Default Re: Question on 700 r4?

    Thanks for your thoughts guys, I rarely get this overstressed. I will be sending the Ty tranny to Campbells soon. Trying to make something positive here has me thinking maybe this Raptor will be in my 91 Suburban someday as I believe they are both 700R4's. I am realizing "finally" what "Unique" vehicles these SY/TY's are. ......Paul30
    Home of a Typhoon,&nbsp; Pretty Quick Astre(Vega),&nbsp; looked after by a very Fast 60 footer..&quot;Belgium Malinois&quot;.

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    -you have a great truck ( I damn near bought it just before you did) and I can see you obviously understand how to build a fast vehicle.

    However, with that kind of Sy/Ty performance potential some due dilligence and perhaps more maintenance may be required than you are used to with previous vehicles.

    Mark, Nolan and Turbo Tony know what they are talking about. They own them, they build them, they race them.

    People around the world rely on their expertise & knowledge.

    That being said, you should rely on them to "bring you up to speed" if you will, on your particular truck. They are passionate beyond belief about Sy/Ty's, and want you to have as much fun with them as they do.

    Being impatient online or typing angry responses out of frustration ( like you did with TurboTony ) is simply going to alienate you from the greatest Sy/Ty resources anywhere, period.
    While I can appreciate your frustration, sometimes you just need to take a deep breath, and remember there are people in Edmonton that love your Ty as much as you do.

    They are magicians with these trucks. Try and work with them, not against them.

    Sy/Ty&#039;s...the best invention since Boobs!

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    Default Re: Question on 700 r4?

    Jay, I totally agree. Thanks.....Paul30
    Home of a Typhoon,&nbsp; Pretty Quick Astre(Vega),&nbsp; looked after by a very Fast 60 footer..&quot;Belgium Malinois&quot;.

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    Default Question on 700 r4

    Since youre running speed density, it doesnt matter where you get idle air. Does it have the capability to drive an IAC?

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