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Thread: The best gift a girl can give

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    Awhile back during my birthday my girlfriend bought us tickets to go to Dayton, Ohio for the SuperCoupe shoot out. Well I have finally gotten back and I could honestly say it was the best gift I have ever been given. She rocks my world. While you all were at the Calgary Street car shoot out I was watching the big birds hit the track & dyno.

    Heres a collection of pictures I think P-Shop would enjoy:

    9 Second small block powered monster

    This bird has been featured in many car mags. Laid down 614HP out of a 4.6

    10 second 3.8L with liquid to air intercooler

    A view from the dyno place. Over 60 Thunderbirds in attendance just for the dyno & show.

    12 second 1.7 A/R powered with only touched up heads

    Low 10 seconds out of a V6

    Only put down 360 HP but ran a 12.1 on a 100 degree day. Did I mention a non-locking AOD?

    So many nice Birds
    Project: Blue Steel (91 Thunderbird SC)

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    I can think of a better gift your girlfriend can give me!


    Looks like you had fun!
    Quick 91 Ranger<br />Best ET 14.304 @ 90.73 mph / Best mph 94.89/ Best 60&#039; 1.851<br />Using a naturally aspirated 4.0L V6!!<br />13.427 @ 100.78 mph unaturally aspirated

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    That's awesome dude!

    I don't think I've seen so many T-Birds in one spot ever before. Must've been a blast!
    Stink Hammer, now thats some funny shit ...

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