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Thread: Site Maintenance

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    Is it a picture of a blue truck you're trying to upload?
    Try again now.

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    what ever pic i try to upload it goes to the one i have always had. but i can put one from the personal ones no problem

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    have no idea what i did but it changed thanks

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    Your browser had the picture cached :P No wonder I wasn't seeing any errors. The forum software keeps uploaded avatars as avatar_*id_member*.png, so when you upload a new avatar the file doesn't get renamed, just replaced. Your browser will cache the picture and, until that cache refreshes, it'll show the old one.

    You can hold Shift while clicking Refresh to manually flush the cache for a given page.

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    Post counts are going to be effed up for a bit, don't cry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mibz
    Post counts are going to be effed up for a bit, don't cry.
    Quote Originally Posted by 5.0Splash View Post
    But the hard part is finding someone who will pay me to sleep till noon, eat McDonalds, and slam my balls in 18 yr old sluts.

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    Should be good now.

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