Well, another year has passed and I was able to race at Castrol on several of the Friday night Street Legal events. Had a couple of annoying issues, but nothing too serious. A couple lash caps broke on the intake valves, but I installed replacements and haven't had any issues since. One head stud broke in August, which was a pain to replace: it broke flush with the block, so had to weld on a nut and back out the remaining stud. These were Scat chromoly head studs that I'd had for ten years, so I guess I can't complain. The Beetle engine was never made to handle 200 HP, as the stock engine was rated at SAE 57 HP.

Picked up a Herrod Helper wing (spoiler) which should help on windy days at the drag strip. These used to be sold by JC Whitney back in the 1970's and a company in Las Vegas is reproducing them for the Bonnyville Salt Flats racers and other drag racers: