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Thread: More site maintenance

  1. Default More site maintenance

    Site's going down tomorrow night (That's Tuesday night!) so we can fix some of the problems experienced after migration. This includes avatars, attachments and the Captcha among some other bugs.

    We're going to hold off on doing any name changes and the like until this fix is done so please be patient.

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    Sorry; I've just posted about attachments not working before I saw this
    The views and information expressed here are randomly generated computer giberish and in no way reflect my own, Thank You.

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    Personal commitments took over and I couldn't get anything done tonight. We'll shoot for tomorrow.

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    Alright, shit's working again but the template has to be fixed up so you'll be seeing some cosmetic changes in the near future. That said, every bug that's been reported has been fixed.

    I'll start getting to all the name change requests now.

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