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Thread: Just wanted to voice my disappoinment

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    Default Just wanted to voice my disappoinment

    This new set up really blows. I get pm three days late, then notification says there is a message and there is diddly. I like the old one better at least it was reliable even if we had spammers.

    Just my piece there it has been said I will be at Mustang
    I have a problem I see Mustangs and I think "Hello there".

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    I don't know why you are having those weird issues. The board seems to be working perfectly for me anyways. Try clearing your cookies and giving it another shot.

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    it's been working fine for me as well, but i kind of have to agree with the concensus. the new p-shop is gay.

    i'll still hang out here, but i have been spending way more time on other forums i almost never logged in to.

    lars, i'll see you at mustang canada. apperantly i am the new tech mod there.

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    It is disappointing I really did enjoy it. I have tried clearing everything including all my pm's. Everything short of starting a new profile.
    I have a problem I see Mustangs and I think "Hello there".

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    I seem to get PM's on time and notifications on time?

    I will try PM'ing you right now and you tell me when you get it.

    Its 10:17am on Wed July 28th.
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    Mustang Canada...Hummmmmmm?
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    Still nothing yet and this is the second try to post this same message
    I have a problem I see Mustangs and I think "Hello there".

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    Quote Originally Posted by 82 rustang View Post
    Still nothing yet and this is the second try to post this same message
    Do the timestamps on your posts look correct?
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    I agree. This was probably the best looking/layout of any boards I go on before and now it's just the same as all the others. All the character and fun is gone from it. Plus the inbox sucks, I don't know about getting PM's late, I haven't had one since the switch but the one's I have I can't get to change from "un-read". And what happened to all the pic's timeslips, etc.
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    It is the same layout as some of the other sites I am on so I am used to it.
    But I am not having problems like the ones that are described.

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