Taken from the owners other site. Same rules will apply here.

General Forum Rules
Personal Attacks will NOT be tolerated
No racist, sexist, hateful, threatening, obscene, or otherwise rude remarks
Posting is a privilege, and not your right.
"Vigilante Moderating" will not be tolerated
Replying to offensive/flammatory posts makes you just as guilty
If you have nothing to contribute to a discussion, don't post
Do not cross-post threads. One thread is enough
Don't be annoying, respect your fellow members. Annoying everyone is enough of a reason to get yourself banned.
Discussion of piracy, and other illegal activities will not be tolerated
Soliciting business is prohibited without approval to do so
Active Ad Blocking Software is prohibited

Marketplace Rules (strictly enforced)
Private Sales and Paid Sponsors Only! If you are a business, buy a banner. We offer VERY affordable advertising rates
"private sales" would mean selling personal items and not selling wholesale goods "privately" to 30 customers
Start For Sale threads with "FS:" and Want to Buy threads with "WTB:"
Do not sell your stolen goods on performance-shop.com. If we find out, we will forward your information to the proper authorities
All new in box items, or items sold as "NEW" must have a 'proof of purchase' provided.
Ads for Cellphones or Cellular PDA's must contain exact proven lifetimer information.
Do not post if your post has nothing to do with the item
Do not post if you have no intention of buying the item at the time of your post
Do not take over another users thread. If you are selling something, start your own thread
ALL items for sale *MUST* have an asking price or the thread will be deleted
Auction type sales are not permitted, see above.
Post only one thread for your item
If your see a price that's too high, don't go and bitch out the seller. The thread will die eventually because nobody would want to buy 'em.
"feeler threads" are not permitted, it is either for sale or it is not
Excessive bumping will result in a closed thread (once every 7 days TOPS).
"bump" type posts are to be separated by at least ONE "non-bump" type post
GROUP BUYS are only permitted after authorization from an admin
KEEP IT CLEAN! If you want to bitch at a seller or buyer (or anyone), TAKE IT TO PM. That's what it's there for. Don't clutter up the threads!

If you see anyone breaking these rules, click the "REPORT POST TO MODERATOR" button, one of the mods will take care of it. If you keep breaking these rules, you will be banned from the forums. If you're lucky, you'll get warned first.

Images in signature must not be larger than 600 pixels width IN TOTAL
Images in signature must not be larger than 200 pixels height IN TOTAL (to prevent scrolling)
Images in signature must not be larger than 500,000 bytes IN TOTAL
May not contain commercial advertisement (sponsors exempt)
May not contain racist, sexist, or other derogatory remarks of any sort
Users are encouraged to add links to marketplace items they have for sale or want to buy into their sig