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Thread: Marketplace Rules- READ BEFORE POSTING!!

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    Default Marketplace Rules- READ BEFORE POSTING!!

    Marketplace Rules (strictly enforced)
    Private Sales and Paid Sponsors Only! If you are a business, buy a banner. We offer VERY affordable advertising rates
    "private sales" would mean selling personal items and not selling wholesale goods "privately" to 30 customers
    Start For Sale threads with "FS:" and Want to Buy threads with "WTB:"
    Do not sell your stolen goods on If we find out, we will forward your information to the proper authorities
    All new in box items, or items sold as "NEW" must have a 'proof of purchase' provided.
    Ads for Cellphones or Cellular PDA's must contain exact proven lifetimer information.
    Do not post if your post has nothing to do with the item
    Do not post if you have no intention of buying the item at the time of your post
    Do not take over another users thread. If you are selling something, start your own thread
    ALL items for sale *MUST* have an asking price or the thread will be deleted
    All items for sale *MUST* have a location.
    Auction type sales are not permitted, see above.
    Post only one thread for your item
    If your see a price that's too high, don't go and bitch out the seller. The thread will die eventually because nobody would want to buy 'em.
    "feeler threads" are not permitted, it is either for sale or it is not
    Excessive bumping will result in a closed thread (once every 7 days TOPS).
    "bump" type posts are to be separated by at least ONE "non-bump" type post
    GROUP BUYS are only permitted after authorization from an admin
    KEEP IT CLEAN! If you want to bitch at a seller or buyer (or anyone), TAKE IT TO PM. That's what it's there for. Don't clutter up the threads!

    If you see anyone breaking these rules, click the "REPORT POST TO MODERATOR" button, one of the mods will take care of it. If you keep breaking these rules, you will be banned from the forums. If you're lucky, you'll get warned first.
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    Hey Guys, I'm getting a few PM's about people not putting their location in their ads. Please do, it just makes sense for everyone involved.


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    im trying to delete my ad for 1974-f-100 and figure out how.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 77pinto View Post
    im trying to delete my ad for 1974-f-100 and figure out how.
    I have been looking through the classifieds and 9 out of 10 ads are Sold or no longer available... Can these ads not be deleted to save some time for people cruising the for sale stuff??

    Is there not a moderator or someone that can go through and delete old ads?
    "Is that Fuel injection or turbo?"

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    Fs. 850 demon 400.00 obo like 50lbs injectors like new used to break engine in 400.00 obo. aeromotive Efi pressure regulator also carbed with spring Change brand new.150.00 edmonton area.

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    If you are the moderator for this section, why do you not respond to PM's regarding ad infractions and complaints? I sent you one a couple of weeks ago and nothing has been done.

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    Default Marketplace Rules READ BEFORE POSTING

    Come on monkeys, follow the Rules. Its not that hard.

    Otherwise ill start changing your threads to sales of sex toys, or animals..or both.

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