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Thread: Turning Lurkers into Active Members

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    Default Turning Lurkers into Active Members

    At the time of this post there is 67 active users of this site, 27 registered and 40 visitors.
    Are these Visitors live humans just lurking or are they bots recorded as lurkers?
    Any ideas amongst the membership on how to convert lurkers into active users and breathe some more life into this board?
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    here ill be the first to post.

    ill speak for myself. I find myself lurking lots because its easier not to post than to deal with some of the members. I watch and see how you guys treat each other especially the Edmonton guys with the big power cars. Sometimes it just seems like all they want to do is fight and argue with each other. It hasn't been so bad lately but before it was almost pain full just to read all the bickering. And sometimes it seems like if you dont drive a v8 car with an automatic in it you get no respect. So like i said my reason for not posting is just to avoid conflict.
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    They can be search bots, etc. If they aren't human, it's hard to get them to contribute.
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