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Thread: 2.3L Ford engine specs?

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    Just curious about the 2.3L inline-4 that Ford used to sell. I understand that some have installed these engines in their dune buggies or sand rails, as an alternative to the VW flat-4, Toyota 4, etc.

    What are the common specs for the Ford 2.3? What bore and stroke? What cam lift/duration would these run and what ratio for the rocker arms...either stock or aftermarket for racing? Valve sizes/number?

    FWIW, my bored and stroked 2.3L VW Beetle engine has an 84 mm crank and 94 mm pistons, two valves/cylinder-currently upgraded to 48 mm x 38 mm valves.

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    3.125" stroke 3.780 bore. Stock cams were around .400 lift at the valve. Valves are 1.74 intake 1.5 exhaust. The rocker ratio is variable due to design, but it goes between 1.6 and 1.8.
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    Default 2 3L Ford engine specs

    Thanks Gene. The vin is 1FMDU34E0VZB14740Ford has a plant here in Geelong VIC but all the Explorers are imported from the US. For that matter from what I understand all 4WD vehicles are imported here... Dave

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