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Thread: Custom header builder in AB ?

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    Default Custom header builder in AB ?

    Hope this is the right section. Tried search & didn't find what I am looking for.

    Need a set built for my BOSS 302 in a 72 Pinto.
    I've done a google search & contacted a couple places.
    Prices are way out of line. One place told me at least $3800.00 !
    I would like to get them done in AB, but if they think I'm paying that.....well, I'll take my money to the States.

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    Custom headers + cheap never works out..

    Chris at Higher Arc Welding comes to mind & is highly recommended. He is amazing with fabrication/welding as you can see from his website.
    Super nice guy located in Langdon, small town/suburb just minutes east of Calgary.

    He has done welding on my Mustang & my truck but he is always really busy. He is in high demand & he has a young family.
    Plan for lots of lead time even if he can fit you in.
    2004.5 Dodge SB QC 2500 2wd Cummins
    1989 Mustang 5.0L GT

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    PM Stevo27 (Steve) He can do it for you.
    Remove head from rectum before speaking. Until then STFU....

    1993 Mustang Coupe just a SBF

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    Loyd Dyck in Lethbridge, does beautiful work. I cant quote prices for Loyd, but his typical quote is 1200$ plus materials. As long as you dont use 321 stainless like I did its not to bad.
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    Thanks for the quick replies !

    Plan is to try & get the headers close to the block & come out behind the cross member. Not sure yet if this will work on the left side, the the engine is back in with all the new parts.
    There is room on the right side. Just.

    Car originally had a B2 in it. Original headers were made by JR Headers in the States. Place no longer is in business.
    2 back tubes went through the inner fenders & crossed under the frame to collectors. Front tubes went forward & under cross member.

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    The pictures are of the original for sale ad when it was in the States.
    I have new coils on the way to replace those seen in the pictures.

    Original headers are still with the last owner. He wants way too much for them, and badly banged up/repaired than seen in the above pictures.

    Tight fit on left.

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    ill build you the nicest headers youve ever seen but one off headers there not cheap basically long tubes with me start at 2500
    new car coming to town

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    Give a try, they build killer headers!

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    contact doug syme
    smoke em if you got em

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    neil at neils power pipes in edmonton does really nice work

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