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Thread: Custom header builder in AB ?

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    A set like yours will not work for my car due to my motor mounts.
    I was surprised you found yours where you did. I had contacted them long before you did & they said they didn't have any.
    Maybe they didn't know the B2 and 351c has the same ports, except the 351 is a taller engine ?

    Looking at Steve's build pictures...... thinking I should get him to do the work.....he has mad fabrication skills !

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    Yup same beam just a smaller combustion chamber,most of their sales people only know part numbers and don't know what could interchange.
    "Huh" but why,my car looked a lot faster

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    Anyone have contact info for Stevo27 ? Sent him a PM a while ago & he has not been here in a while.

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    Talked with Steve, but he is a very busy guy. Got the local guy I knew to build me a set.
    Big mistake.

    Back two tubes on each side go through the inner fenders. Which is OK..... but he didn't allow room for the strut & control arms to move up & down.

    As well as that, the front tubes had/have fitment issues.

    I'm in the process of collecting parts for yet another build.
    I'm thinking it best to just have another set made...... ?

    I may try my hand at fixing the back tubes myself ?

    Broke my (old) heart...... lost another driving season due to this..........

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    IS there a tube control arm that would give you the space you need?
    2002 S10 Xtreme
    FPS Engines 408 88mm TH400 275 Radial

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    Hard to see in the third picture, but that tube is too close to the control arm top as well.

    No after market tubular arms for the 71 - 73 cars.

    74^ there are, as Mll stuff is the same.

    I should have waited for Steve......

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    Sorry to see it man do you have any recourse with the guy that built them to make them right?
    2002 S10 Xtreme
    FPS Engines 408 88mm TH400 275 Radial

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    He couldn't do it right the first time, not letting him touch it again.

    I'll likely try & re-build the last 4 tubes each side. I cannot screw them up any worse ? LOL !

    #8 flange will not seal. Completely wrong angle & has to be re-built from the flange.

    I have some flanges to send back to Summit & exchange for the right ones. After that I'll collect the J tubes & merged (?) collectors for a complete new build. I'll talk with Steve first, of course......

    Biggest problem is, I work the patch (hoe operator). Been off since mid March. Supposed to go back early this week.....pushed back to this Sunday.
    What I get done on the car depends on work......... which is why I have been kicking the idea around of selling the B2 engine & just put a 302w in the car......and sell it as well (or the whole damned thing).

    I have another 72 on the rotisserie right now & really want to get it done. More mild build.....
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    Worked the winter but still shy on cash.

    Buying some J tubes this week & going to try & "fix" the rear 2 tubes on each side.

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