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Thread: 1987 Supra Drag Car

  1. Default 1987 Supra Drag Car

    here's my ride

    87 7MGTE
    4" FMIC
    C4 ford with brake
    Pro stick
    3000 Hughes conv
    ford 9" 4.10 Moser
    Ladder bar susp
    Autometer Guages
    Aeromotive fuel system
    Aem ems
    1000cc PTE inj
    Alky control
    Mild steel Cage
    Welds w 28 10.5 et streets
    Wilwood brakes, line lock

    shake down only,
    yet to spool off brake,
    has seen 130+ traps @22lbs
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    looks nice whats it run? I like that you kept it clean, its not all riced out with neon wires, hoses, and shit like that... looks good
    bbq pitmaster in training

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    Cool build lets hear some details?
    Grudge races gladly accepted

    Best Et: 8.47@164.5 on 275 drag radials(CD1)

    Best ET:7.54@191.5 on 315 drag radials (CD2)
    So far on 275s (3460lbs)4.76@152 (72mm turbos)

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    Ya, more details. 7M right?


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    Why 4.10 s in the rear? Doesn't that limit you on the big end alot?
    bbq pitmaster in training

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    Good stuff.
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    I raced you a couple times in swifty, defently a sweet ride
    11.93@118mph swift current
    11.6 @ 127mph SIR

    New 4v build

    876rwhp on 19psi.... big boost coming soon

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    Love this car! Cant wait to see what it does off the brake. Nice to see some 7M love!
    2010 Dodge Ram 2500. Douche Mobile.
    1983 Toyota Supra. Slow & Low.

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    Default 1987 Supra Drag Car

    Nice I like what I see so far. Are you making the motor mounts yourself or buying them?

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