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Thread: Cetus automotive/engines :(

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    Default Cetus automotive/engines :(

    I had a very simple job, polish my crankshaft 0.0004" on the rod journals mainly for bearing clearance. Bought new rod bearings measured the shaft and bearings installed in the rods. 0.003 to 0.0035 bearing clearance. The idiots polished off 0.0015" to 0.002".

    I had previous work done and it was Ok not this time fuck I have a horrible time getting good crank work done.

    Cranks useless as it is. Have to go -030 now.
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    go to d&w man rod's the fucking man
    new car coming to town

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    Default Cetus-not for or against 'em....BUT...

    Anyone that thinks he can "polish" a "size" on a crank, obviously doesn't know what he is talking about. Ask any competent crank grinder if what I say is true or not!!! It's near impossible to get a round, & uniform size on the journal. Polishing cranks have NOTHING to do with creating a "size". It is only to take out , or smooth the Minor irregularities on the rod journal, also polish it for a smooth finish, for proper finish to help retain the oil. Reinventing the laws of physics, so you can save a couple of bucks, really drives me nuts! For proper oil clearance, & with the use of a good mike(& someone that knows how to use one)( they are NOT glorified "C' clamps!) & a dial bore gage, you can determine the bearings that you can use or resize the rod , with the appropriate( bearings come in std, +.001 & -.001) bearings, then you will get the job done professionally.Yea it takes work & $$ to get it right. Keep tryin' to cut corners, we'll see where that gets ya .I see that the crank is a .020, so the bit I said about the std, +.001 & -.001 doesn't apply to this case in particular. Kinda got off on a rant about polishing to size thing, I forgot about his crank size.
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    I agree with alley oop, Polishing a crankshaft is not easy, especially when requested to take off a certain amount. Its nearly impossible to do it accurately and with 95% of the time end sup out of round. If they removed as much material as you say they did, they clearly have no idea on how to properly polish a crank in the first place. Get different bearings, resize the rod, sand the backside of the bearings (making sure to retain some sort of crush inside the rod) are all better options

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