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Thread: 89 mustang stolen

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    its nice when a story has a happy ending.
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    Such a nice ending to a sad story...

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    Yeh, just another new "canadian" contributing to our society. See ya later there, sanjay ...

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    Well the guy that was caught with my stolen car is still at it. This from the local paper. Brent Maujauskas is a giant piece of shit along with his three buddies. I wonder what it takes these days to go to jail ? Swat a puppy with a newspaper and its a life sentence, destroy peoples property and victimize them over and over and its fine.
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    Default 89 mustang stolen

    so let me get this straight, teh guys recording knew what they was doin, and the guy that owned it was just a plain dumbass? or were they both dumbasses?

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