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Thread: 89 mustang stolen

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    I'd like to ask you guys to be on the look out. Last night my gate had the lock cut off, my shop broken into and my 89 mustang was stolen along with a brand new 2012 arctic cat 450 GT quad with orange paint. The mustang has a 331 DSS super pro bullet short block, trick flow high port heads, and trick flow intake. It also has a novi 2000 blower .Black vinyl interior and 02 cobra wheels .

    They also stole a bunch of other stuff like a blue generator, HVLP paint guns along with a reversed corvair steering box and a new billett chevy 409 distributor. I don't think this was a bunch of joy riders so they will probably cut the car up. At best it will probably end up trashed if recovered. Keep your eyes peeled please and pm me if you see anything show up on kijiji


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    If by chance you spot the car somewhere please phone the Airdrie RCMP. Thanks.

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    The quad
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    Was this stolen out of airdrie ?

    Where abouts ?

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    holy crap that sucks. most likely not going to see that thing in one piece again....
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    Ya I sure hope you get it back Roddy.

    Sounds like someone that must have known what was in your shop.

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    Cops are here now taking prints. She figures it getting stripped as we speak. I'm just east of Calgary. I had it appraised and insured for $23K but I'm sure the insurance will screw me big time. They will probably depreciate the quad I owned for 3 days too. At least it was insured. If you guys see any parts floating around do the right thing and phone the cops so we can get these scumbags in jail. No one seems to want to pay for their toys the old fashioned way anymore by doing hard work.

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    Man that's terrible!! Seems like a real nice car.
    Good look catching those losers!
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    I guess I'll find out if the insurance company will honor the appraisel they asked for. My security camera caught some guys in my driveway the other day so maybe they were casing the place
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    Crappy news. A friend had his mustang stolen in calgary a couple years ago. They found all the parts in another car a while back...havent heard the finale of it though. Best wishes in finding the lowlifes that did this! ... Makes me sick. Thankfully I dont own anything worth stealing. Will definitly keep a look out for ya.
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