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Thread: 89 mustang stolen

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    Well it was my car, its totally thrashed now. Looks like they roughed up the paint with a rasp then covered it in spray bombs. Painted green everywhere under the hood , door jambs and trunk. Painted the wheels, bent both front fenders and destroyed the trim pulling the window out to change the vin. It looked like homeless people were living in it, totally full of random items and stolen tools most of which were not mine. I did recover a few stolen items but not much. I phoned the insurance and told them its totally screwed and I don't want it back. She said they would pay out the appraised value. It would cost too much to fix and who knows what damage was underneath. The cop figures it may not be the thieves but was given to whomever to settle a drug debt. The cop that found the car pulled them over because the plate did not match the car. I hope these losers do jail time. Its a shame a once nice car was destroyed for no reason.
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    Thats a sad site.
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    Before and after, what's wrong with people. I could never do this to someone else's property.
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    THAT FUCKING SUCKS ASS BIG TIME!!!! Bunch of god dam low life loser ditch pigs!!! Sorry to hear about your stang. I hope they rot in jail with big bumholios!!!!
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    Yeah I hope they rot in jail too, although it would probably be an upgrade for them. My only advice to you guys is to get your cars properly appraised by a guy like Scott Hobbs and make sure your insurance policy for the car has the 19A clause on it ( covered for replacement value not market value ) otherwise the insurance will try and screw you big time. I really feel bad for the car, it was a nice survivor. I'm hoping someone rescues it and fixes it back up. It won't be me , I could never take my kid for ice cream , knowing crackheads were shooting up in it.

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    buy her back after you get your pay out, then sell her on here...poor thing.
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    So I'm having a cerveza and reading the local paper and guess what name jumps off the page and punches me in the mouth.....none other than the douchebag that stole my 89 mustang and destroyed it. He's been at it again and this time hopefully he will do some real time. How many innocent hard working people need to be victimized before the justice system locks these people up for decades ?
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    Saw this quote on another forum, and it is something many should put into practice, much less strain on the judicial system when dealing with estate law vs criminal cases

    "Due to the price increase of ammo do not expect a warning shot"

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    I've gotten to know a handful of police through the process of going to court over my stolen car and I got the feeling they would rather deal with these career criminals with a baseball bat and a bullet. Of course they can't actually say that , but you can see the frustration when criminal scum get off with a slap on the wrist. I forgot to update this thread when I went to court. This Majauskas guy that was picked up in my car sat in the remand centre for 3 months waiting for trial. Once he realized me, the detective that identified the car , and the two cops that pulled him over and the seized drugs were there, he decided he was guilty. The penalty for possession of a stolen car was three months so with time served he was out. I didnt even get a chance to to see what he looked like.
    I wonder how many cars he stole in the last 7 months? Someone must be buying or hacking these cars up. Hopefully the cops will make their way up the food chain.
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    Oh the funniest part was after my car was impounded, the thieves mother had the nerve to phone the police and ask for the stolen car back !

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