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Thread: New to Ford 2.3 What should I build

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    I just bought an 86 Merkur Xr4ti and the motor runs good. The plan is to swap it into an 1990 Rx7 and run a T5 behind it. I want a good AutoX road race car, but also something with enough power to beat some quick rides out there. My plan was:

    Re-ring, and re-bearing the motor, port the lower intake like a madman, get a different upper intake, Mustang throttle body? 255 wally pump, not sure for injectors yet or what stock can do. Tubular exhaust manifold and maybe run the stock turbo for a bit or get a small holset. No idea what I should do for a cam, alot of guys I've seen run Ranger cams, but after market cams are pretty cheap anyways. I wanted to port the head and change the head gaskets, from what I've seen you can't get away with porting much in the heads anyways.

    What would you guys do, I want to run 20psi of boost or around there and would be very happy with 250-300rwhp as a summer daily driver. I don't want to run Nitrous and I don't want to have to depend on Meth, but could run Meth for some more power. I have been reading the combo's thread and it's all over the place lol.

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    There is a wealth of information there. I have since got out of the 2.3 game, but they can move out if done right. Stuff like a big vam and LA3 nice intercooler ... Crank up the boost

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