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Thread: What EMS for 300rwhp.

  1. Default What EMS for 300rwhp.

    I want to make around 300rwhp on a fresh-rebuilt 2.3 Turbo I'll be using a smaller Holset Turbo, FMIC, aftermarket cam, ect. I've looked around at all the different kinds most of the Ford guys use, PIMP, MegaSquirt ect but it also looks like some people run chips on them? I don't really want to have to re-tune and adjust maps just start it and drive lol. What do you guys run with success at that horsepower level? I have a ECU from an 88 xr4ti, and getting a Bo-port chip looks like it's promising. I've also seen that some people don't have very good luck with them? What do you guys recommend.

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    Buy a Pimp, for $650 it's money well spent. But you could probably could get away with a stock L series computer with a Big vam at that power level.
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    Thanks Dario, I will probably take your advice, you have definitely shown what these 2.3L turbo motors are capable of.

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    I agree with Dario on the L series.
    sounds like you will have no issues hitting the power numbers your looking for.

    a side note.
    I know guys used to like the WMS SDS system. I had one previously but dont remember much about it aside from it being "too simple" and not having enough buttons

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    L series and big vam will work.. stock 35s i'm gonna say not so much. Even at elevated base fuel pressures you are going to be lean.. I trapping 109.9 consistently back in 2005 on 35s and the base fuel press was 55-56 psi!!!!!!!! Afs were still lean too like 12.5:1 at best...

    Prob drop in some 50 or 55s and tweak the vam spring and make it work decently and that will support around 375-400 flywheel on race fuel.. mine did..
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    Diyautotune Megasquirt or Pimp Megasquirt.

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    i have a SDS id let go very reasonable
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    Default What EMS for 300rwhp

    nice thanks for the fast replys, this helps alot, thanks, and if I get it ill be sure to let you know


    also what front axle should it have? D28 or 35? thanks

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