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Thread: Thanks again Horsepower Solutions

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    Mathew Puzy(?) from Tech Motion I believe. He's the one that told me you couldn't get more than 500 HP out of a Cobra engine. He also told me that my engine was tuned to it's limits. Or something like that. The car honestly ran like shit after that. I'm not going to say anything else. I had Eric Brooks tune it 2 years ago. It was a totally different car. It ran awesome. I couldn't believe the change. He was able to coax about 580RWHP out of it. Neil iced it last week. Can't wait to get it home.

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    Nice numbers
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    2 different dynos though. My ported eaton car made 423 on his dyno.

    But that is another discussion in itself. Just glad to see it running right.

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    I've had the car home for 2 weeks now. It is as close to perfect as you can get it. Runs like a dream. Too bad it's for sale. Now that everything has been fixed on it. Neil is the man.

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    how much are u asking for the car ??
    build them rank not right lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yellow Fever View Post
    WAYYY too cheap, Awesome deal for an awesome car! Thanks again Mike!
    Grudge races gladly accepted

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yellow Fever View Post
    deal of the century...

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    September price drop= $18,000.00 firm

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