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Thread: Can't beat AMA for a tow

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    So I swung by the mustang shop this morning to pick up some parts for my 66 driving my 65. On Blackfoot right by the Brewery my clutch cable broke. So I call a few friends to see if they can bring a trailer to come get me, nothing is available or there's no truck to pull it. I called AMA and set up a membership for $78, 10 mins after the call a traffic control truck was at my location, and 10 mins later the tow truck showed up. It was towed to my house over 20 km away with no additional charge. While I was on the phone with AMA another tow truck stopped to offer help "$100 anywhere in the city". I have to say I was very impressed with AMA today, quick, efficient, cheaper than I was expecting. 2 trucks and tow for $78 and I have a year membership for more tows if required.

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    I broke down at the us border once in an old iroc.

    Towed me to Regina which was 250kms away for 100 bux with my membership.

    Have used it like 7 other times too, Gold Member for life.
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    How did you get a membership for $78, don't they advertise $96 or something. I am a gold member with motorcycle and RV. They towed the Harley from Race City to my house and because it still needed to go to a shop to get fixed there was a second tow for no charge. They suck when it comes to changing a tire on a truck. Tiny little jack didn't work, and he couldn't get the spare from underneath. And he was too lazy to haul it to a tire shop. Other than that no complaints
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    Decent insurance company too. Not the cheapest, but any claims I have had have been handled decently.

    Wouldnt be without an ama membership now.
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    God damn f'ing clutch cable f'd up again, didn't break, the end came off the quadrant. So i called AMA again, 25km's, no charge but I gave him a tip. I'm a life time member now!

    Cable is going in the trash, hydraulic clutch kit will be installed by the end of the week.
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    One can not change stupid, but at least you can stun it with a 2 x 4!!

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