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    Hey there,

    Just here to introduce myself.

    I am an auto enthusiast that has been in the scene for a good 10 years now.

    Been through several "tuner" cars and now Im building parts for people being that im getting married the end of August and I dont have time or money to spend on my own projects like I used to.

    My old cars...
    first- 1988 Civic hatch with a B series engine etc etc (vintage... was the thing to do in 2000)

    -nissan 240sx. boosted the 2.4L and did all of the drift mods before drifting was really popular. so much more on the market now for those cars!

    couple civic dailies in there

    MKV GTI. loved this car, just lowered it on some 18's with an intake.

    sold s13 and bought a RHD miata. boosted that and made some big (for a 1.6) power before i blew it up. parted it out but I still have the shell...maybe putting a GM 5.3 with a T101a in it at some point.

    had a 00 civic SIR that i refurbished as a restomod and used as a daily until i sold it to buy my newest car

    2002 mini cooper S with a few goodies. (s/c pully upgrade, intake, exuast, msd coil and wires, lowered with a beefy rear sway) Love this little car!

    I do a lot of custom work in my "spare" time now. Some of you may have heard of me some of you may not have. I dont want to infringe on any rules here being that Im new so feel free to check out some of my work on my Facebook page.

    Here is one of some recent work though to keep people happy with pictures...


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    Enjoy your stay. Welcome aboard !

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    Welcome from Australia, Mr. Cane.

    I hope youll enjoy your time here. T&P is easily the nicest of the pipe boards.

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