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Thread: 2.3 Swap?

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    Dave, that video is great. One of the coolest trucks that I have ever seen.
    Let's save you the trouble of replacing the motor...
    Sell the thing as a roller.
    To me.
    What do you want for it?
    1997 SS (V6 with 90 shot) 304 HP 379 TQ-Best ET 12.9-Best MPH 103mph
    1985 Sonoma (AFR headed 355) Best ET 13.6-Best MPH 101.79
    1991 Syclone #1907 (Stockish) Best ET 13.6-Best MPH 96
    1991 Syclone #0106 Sold
    1991 Syclone #0457 (LS swapped, single turbo, 8.5 caged) Build begins 2013
    1992 Typhoon #1020 BeaterTy.

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    I have all the goodies for a 2.5T stroker. Head, Boport intakes, headers ,big turbo, that needs to be assembled that would be real cool in this truck, and a 6 speed!!!!!!!!

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    Hi Guys,

    First, thanks to everyone for your nice comments about my truck. I REALLY appreciate it. I put a stupid amount of time, work and money into it and I built it 100% for ME. That's why I went with the turbo 2.3 and 5 speed. I wanted A/C and although it was a freaking nightmare to install all that stuff, I got it all done and it's been an AWESOME truck for me. For the last few years, I've been able to jump in it and drive 2000 miles without even checking the oil - it's honestly been that reliable.

    Second, I sincerely apologize if I have mislead anybody here. I don't really want to sell the truck. I'm just in between the rock and the hard place right now because the engine quit! That's the reason I posted on here.

    Unfortunately, I'm not in the position right now to spend a lot of time working on the truck. Unless I make some major changes, I won't be able to dig into this thing for at least a year and a half - probably two.
    Obviously, I don't want the truck to sit here for 2 years - we all know what happens when cars sit for too long.

    I've received numerous PM's about selling it. THANK YOU for those e-mails.

    No, I don't know what I want for it. Obviously, if I sell it, I want as much as I can get for it!

    Would you guys please tell me what do you think it's worth? - not how much you'd pay for it, but how much it's actually worth.

    This will help me decide whether I should try to sell it or whether I should keep it and fix it - even if it takes me 2 or more years to get to it! I don't need or want to sell it but the thought of it looming over me for the next couple years doesn't appeal to me either....

    Please feel free to PM me if you don't want to post here with what you think it's worth.

    Details :

    -1932 Ford Truck (registered as such and really is a genuine '32 cab) with working flip-out windshield.

    - All steel except for 'glass hood and grille.

    - Non-running 1984 Thunderbird TurboCoupe 4 cyl / 5 speed. A week ago, it was a running, driving vehicle. The trans is fine, the brakes are fine, etc....

    - All Ford except for late '70's Camaro front disc brakes.

    - 8.8 rear out of a '95 Lincoln with 3.55 gears and stock Lincoln rear disc brakes.

    - Chopped, channeled, "Z'd" frame (front and rear).

    - Dropped front axle, Posie's Super-Slide front sprint, Vega steering box & fully boxed frame.

    - Everything from the back of the cab to the back of the truck is 2"X3" 1/8" wall rectangular tubing. The very back of the frame is a class 3 Reese hidden hitch (behind the license plate). The back half of that frame will NEVER move. The tailgate works well and you can easily stand on it when it's down. It's a truck and I used it as such.

    - Hypercool Heat/defrost A/C unit - blows good and cold (R-134a) (This unit plus labour to swage the lines and charge the system cost me nearly $2K). I wouldn't think there's more than 20 or 30 hours running time on the A/C.

    - Stewart Warner speedo, Sunpro tach and temp. gauge. Fuel gauge reads dead nuts perfectly but is an oddball gauge. VW fuel tank, AutoMeter sending unit.

    - Power windows, tilt steering ('84 Mustang GT Turbo steering column).

    - Full exhaust, with DynoMax muffler (exits out the rear pan).

    - Power remote hard tonneau cover and extremely useable truck bed.

    - Custom truck cap - upholstered with black vinyl. (Ugly but useful).

    - Within the last 20 or 25 000 miles, new rad, rad fan, wheels, tires, entire braking system, 2.5" exhaust, shocks, driveshaft, U joints and fuel lines.

    - Within the last 5000 miles, new clutch, Walboro fuel pump, new Hypercool heat/defrost / A/C system, hoses and all cooling lines.

    And probably a lot of other stuff I can't think about right now.

    These are the only pix I have on this computer :

    What's its real value like it sits?
    Again, thanks for your nice words about the truck and thanks for your input,


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    Tough call on the pricing. You will get low ball offers because few will appreciate the time that you have out into it. That is why I asked openly, to see if I would be in the ballpark and not offend you.
    If you were asking 10k, I would try to chisel you down a bit. If you were asking 20k, I would comment that you have one of the coolest trucks that I have ever seen and leave it at that.

    It is even more awesome that you use it as a truck still.
    1997 SS (V6 with 90 shot) 304 HP 379 TQ-Best ET 12.9-Best MPH 103mph
    1985 Sonoma (AFR headed 355) Best ET 13.6-Best MPH 101.79
    1991 Syclone #1907 (Stockish) Best ET 13.6-Best MPH 96
    1991 Syclone #0106 Sold
    1991 Syclone #0457 (LS swapped, single turbo, 8.5 caged) Build begins 2013
    1992 Typhoon #1020 BeaterTy.

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    Thanks Calgary SS, I appreciate your honesty and take on things.
    I just noticed that you have a (some?) Syclones. I've always loved them and wanted one and almost bought one last summer but I kept thinking that it didn't make sense to have TWO trucks!
    You're a lucky man!
    Is there a link you can post so I can see your trucks?

    I guess we've discovered what my truck's worth like it is - not much!!
    I turned down $17, 500 for it last year at a car show. I didn't want to sell it and the guy was really hot for it. I've regularly had guys ask if it was for sale but I always said, "No" so I don't know a 'real' value for it.

    If I was intent on selling it, I'd be best to pick up a Merkur or TurboCoupe, pull the engine, swap it and be up twice the price from what it's worth now.

    Maybe I should just get my ducks in a row, take a week off work and git 'er done....



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    Contact Turbo Dario or Turbo2.3 (Steve) on here. They are the resident 2.3 guys.
    I am guessing you aren't in Calgary?
    Either can help with parts or rebuilds or info.
    That truck is bad ass sick. I would gladly give you $10k for it.
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    Thanks Mark,

    No, I'm not in the west, I'm in Ontario. It seems that most of the guys here are FAR west of here!


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