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Thread: Alternative to Montanna Freight Holders

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    Default Alternative to Montanna Freight Holders

    One of the lads at work told me about this Co, seems like it could be more convenient than using a freight holder and having to make a run to the border to pick pkgs least for the smaller items, cost of shipping big bulky stuff would likely still make a trip worthwhile......

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    Well it sounds like they just act like a re-shipper, so you still would pay shipping to Canada.

    Where would the savings be in shipping something twice? Ie, once to them, and then from them to say Calgary, plus their fees?

    Plus it sounds shady, "tax free",, and "label removal"? Why cheat? It's cheap enough.

    I ship to At the Border Storage, they hold shit for 90 days for $3 to $5 a package. Accumulate a couple grand worth, ask a buddy that is going anyway to grab it, or make the trip myself... it's about $110 in fuel for my truck.

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    You could save a little bit. Major vendors like Jegs, Summit etc will ship across the US for free. You would then only need to pay for shipping from the reshipper to your address. A shorter distance would normally be less cost for shipping.

    If you're ordering something heavy that offers no free US shipping then you're not saving anything.
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    Give it a try,let us know how it works out.I predict the savings to be little to none,perhaps even costing more than some of the usual border holding outlets.

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    I have used and its a total rip off on shipping prices until you get to about 50+lbs worth of stuff and then its not too bad.

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    Was just told of another CO that will pick your stuff you had shipped to freight holders Sweetgrass, and bring it across the border to Lethbridge, Calgary or Edmonton, and charge brokerage based off declared value (range). Their shipping for small items is super cheap, and all their fees are COD when you pick it up in your destination city.
    May not be the hot setup if you're shipping a longblock, but for smaller items, it may work out well??

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