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Thread: 66 beaumont sport deluxe.

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    Default 66 beaumont sport deluxe.

    I have for sale a 1966 Pontiac beaumont sport deluxe. Originally a 327 with a glide but currently has a 350 th350 sitting in it. Not sure of the condition of the engine or transmission but once the weather improves a bit I will dig it out of the barn it's in and see if I can get it running.
    Car is in need of a full restoration. Most parts are there and there is a complete 66 beaumont 4 door available for parts. Buckets and console are there as are most of the emblems.
    This is a rare and hard to find car.
    Asking sold For the sport deluxe and sold for the 4 door.


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    I didnt see this when i was at your place
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    No it is tucked away in an old barn. Along with Jason mustang and my old f150 And my ninja and an old Buick and......

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    And that didn't take long cause the beaumonts are now sold.

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