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Thread: Should snow tires be mandatory in Alberta?

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    Sure you can drive on all seasons - but winter tire do make a big difference in stopping distances when the idiot that can't drive a ricshaw cut you off and you need to avoid them. Until this year my 2wd truck had M&S rated truck tires, I had to go across rodgers towing a trailer - so I put 4 off road generals on it - huge difference especially with the trailer on the back in the beginning of Dec when we had the big storm
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    winter tires make a huge difference! I would rather see it law then have some idiot on bald allseasons come across the center line and wipe out my family... Stace
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    I'm a fan of winter tires, but as Cory mentioned for our conditions here in Southern Alberta you are probably better off with new tires of any type rather than old winter tires.

    Agreed, people should pay more attention to their tires especially in winter. What we don't need is more laws.
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    What they should clarify is that an āll season`is not a winter tire. They have Āll weather`tires, and that is what cars here should be mandated to be supplied with form the factory, unless it`s a sports car

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    Thats a valid point as well Toma. I haven't seen too many all weather tires advertised though. I know I can get some Maxiis brand but no one has ever bought them...
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    I don't like the idea of making it law...THe only good thing about making it mandatory is that piss poor drivers will have to have better equipment. That may make the difference between them getting into an accident, killing some one or making it home safe.
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    Unbelievable how many P shoppers want the government to tell them what to do!! Fuck

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    Yeah that is kind of surprising. I like them on the wife's car, but wouldn't want to be forced to put them on my truck.
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    Colliearkhart (sp) tried to have them manditory in Calgary a few years ago. it was pointed out that all City vehicles would have to run then as well,ending up costing the city millions for the tires and labor to swap them over every year. So sure pass a law and YOU pay the extra tax's to have all the province's vehicle's have winter tires as well.
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    I haven't driven on "snow tires" since the 70's growing up in northern Ontario. I drove my 454SS with normal all season tires around Calgary 12 months of the year for over 10 years. The only time I got stuck was during the St. Patricks day snowstorm in the late 90's and even then it was because the truck was a low rider and I got stuck in the parking lot at work. Never had problems on the streets and worse than anyone else driving around. Usually had problems being stuck behind someone with bald tires or front wheel drive.

    If you know how to drive, snow tires are not required on plowed roads. "Winter tires" are a softer compound which will make getting traction a little easier. If you frequent unplowed roads or heavy snow covered secondary roads, you probably already own snow tires but there should not be a law forcing anyone to buy them.

    Alberta and Calgary do not have a ban on studded tires so those are also an alternative.
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