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    Hey guys, I have a question for the more experienced 2.3 guys. I just put in a new cam from Engel and new cam followers, I bought the head used and it has dual valve springs and "big" valves in it.

    I was reading that you would need a tool to put the cam followers in. So I installed the cam, put the timing belt on (head was bolted to the motor) and I turned the motor over. While each cylinder was on it's base circle, I put the cam followers on. I didn't need a tool, the lifters were completely bleed and I managed to just press down on them and slid the follower in. Is this normal? When the cam is on the base circle there is a small amount of "wiggle" but it seems like the same amount of play as like a SBF roller rocker.

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    did the cam from engle require lifter shims ? Most of the the cams that are a reduced base circle cams require the lifters to be shimmed . Probally be worth the call to engle to check to see if the cam is a standard base circle cam or not . And usually if you need to shim the lifter you will require a wide groove lifter

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