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Thread: Southern Alberta's fastest streetcar shootout 2015

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    Final Round

    Don't tell me what your gonna do....Tell me what you've done!

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    SOrry for the shakey bs haha I just had the old hero 3 in the case and stand so be sure to turn the quality up on youtube to the 1080
    final james vs bryce
    1/4 final riaden vs colin
    james bye run
    brad vs colin
    there is more just been really short on time to get them all up
    blacky .. NOW with an old leaky "B cam" 9`s on 17`s , 08 gsxr- 10.35@ 142,
    62 ford falcon rb25 daily
    88 merkur xr4ti tow rig
    93 stang ......soft tune up 7.3X for now...
    Nitrous doesnt kill pistons people do

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    Well another great race. Thanks to all our sponsors for the support. As well as everyone who came out to support it. Their were a lot of familiar faces and so many new ones too, Congrats to james and tera on taking home 1st place and to bryce as well for the second place finish. Thanks to the hatfield's parents for feeding us too. There were so many upsets and exciting moments this year. I wish i could of got video of tarzan on the #1 highway on his way back to the track. He blew a line/fitting off the accumulator and oiled the highway and ended facing the wrong direction in traffic. He got patched up and made it back. The only 2 cars didn't make the cruise, 1 was broke before they started and jordy vanderwoude was the other, his line lock seized up and wouldn't release. He got it replaced and almost made it back in time. So many upsets, lloyd's 57 chevy timing out due the autostart in first round, and then going on to run a 7.4xx later in testing, Ryans nitrous nova red lighting first round, and tarzan car shutting off against bryce due to electrical issues. All the cars that were favoured to win went out early. The best part was a truck took home the win in the end……..

    For anyone that didn't make it or did and did not buy a shirt, we have some left and i can ship if people still want them. They're $25 bucks a piece, and i will post the pics of them.
    Again, thanks everyone for the support, shelisa and I look forward to next year
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    trucks rule, cars drool

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    image.jpg front

    image.jpg back
    trucks rule, cars drool

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoosierdaddy80 View Post
    image.jpg front

    image.jpg back
    How did you know to put the winner on the shirt?? Good job!!

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    COMPLETE RESULTS for 2015 SHOOTOUT............Thanks to Jarett and Shelisa Frey

    Click on link below to dragracealberta, then choose 2015 shootout, comes up as pdf........all rounds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Car Guy View Post
    COMPLETE RESULTS for 2015 SHOOTOUT............Thanks to Jarett and Shelisa Frey

    Click on link below to dragracealberta, then choose 2015 shootout, comes up as pdf........all rounds.
    Thanks for always doing this Sandy
    2002 S10 Xtreme
    FPS Engines 408 – 88mm – TH400 – 275 Radial

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    Had an absolute shit-show of a day. And somehow ended up thoroughly enjoying myself.

    Line-lock decided to lock itself up at just about halfway point of cruise. Tried everything to get it to release, but just couldn't. HUGE SHOUTOUT to Cam Glock for driving me around, lending me tools and fluids and helping so much to get my junk back on the road. And another shoutout to Steven Cottrell for having a replacement linelock close by to
    be able to fix the issue. Could not have made it without you guys.

    Congrats to James for not only winning the event, but getting a new PB while doing so! Good job buddy!
    Also congrats to Brad, that pink truck is flying!

    Thanks to James/Brad for lending me your jack when my trailer ramps fell off while loading the car onto the trailer. That was fun.

    Thanks to Jarrett and Shelisa for putting on another great event! You guys rock.

    Another proven street car by Van's Speed Shop! 11.61@115.1 N/A 401AMC

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    We have so much fun putting on this event, the thanks goes to all of you guys for attending and making it such a success! Congrats to James and Tera as well as Bryce, and a HUGE thanks to all the sponsors for stepping up again this year. Can't wait for next year, and the year after when we will hopefully be competing in the event as well! (Driver still to be decided lol)

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