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Thread: Kelowna's Fastest Street car shootout 2015

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    Quote Originally Posted by karolko View Post
    okay a few questions for the race:

    1) is the track prepped?
    2) do your 2014 street legal racing rules apply to the streetcar shootout? I don't want to drive all the way down there for some kid to tell me i cannot enter becasue i don't have windshield wipers
    3) what's the cost?
    4) how may qualifying runs?
    5) camping: is it free? hook ups?

    Thanks guys

    i am sure this will help other frst comers

    To answer your questions:

    1- Yes they prep the track to the best of their ability
    2-Rules are on the poster above (No wipers are not needed)
    3- I believe its around 60 but I would need to clarify
    4-testing Friday night, 3 qualifiers possibly 4
    5-Free camping no hook ups

    THIS WEEKEND it will be going down in K town!!
    Grudge races gladly accepted

    Best Et: 8.47@164.5 on 275 drag radials(CD1)

    Best ET:7.54@191.5 on 315 drag radials (CD2)
    So far on 275s (3460lbs)4.76@152 (72mm turbos)

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    Thanks to all. I had a great time, was some good racing and as always a little drama to bring you back for more.
    Mr. 10.0

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