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Thread: How many of you have been affected by this downturn in the O&G sector?

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    Dead as shit at my work, went from 50ish hours a week 6 months ago to maybe 20 some days. They laid off 5 or 6 guys and that helped hour wise.

    I know of 2 occasional users on this forum that I am friends with got laid off in last 2 weeks and several friends from the patch in the last few months
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomak View Post
    What other legit, licensed mechanic, shops are there in this city that do what you do? There's a couple home garage guys and acreage guys....

    Serious question? Who else in Calgary does cages that actually pass certs? Turbo kits? EFi swaps? Diff set-up? And does Derek's extended family daily driver/fleet maintenance? haha

    There's really no one left, is there? Serious question.....
    I have no idea, only thing I hear is people getting screwed by Fartside, but judging by the amount of calls I get, I don't think there is any other one stop shops in Calgary.
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    Well, we are officially fucked.

    I don't know what idiots thought this was sustainable, even a BASIC look at inflation adjusted (2009 dollars) price chart since 1950 shows oil is NEVER above $40 unless there is a MAJOR conflict, especially in the mid east.

    Iranian revolution, Iran/Iraq war, Bush and his post 9/11 mid east "tour"....

    If it was my job to run this province during that period, till now, I would happily stand up and be willing to be hung as my punishment for how bad I pissed away the "bonus" period, cut service, increase debt, and spent from our Heritage fund.

    No one could have managed this disgusting performance DURING THE BIGGEST OIL BOOM SINCE WW2 UNLESS IT WAS ON PURPOSE.

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    Even fucking WIKIPEDIA has the chart, inflation adjusted to 2011 dollars....

    Yeah, gotta be a real rocket scientist eh? No wonder "conservatives" are trying to dismantle science and education. lol. Corrupt. Period.

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    ....yet the cons will be voted back in. The sheeple will think there is no better alternative and be duped once again. They pissed away all the money, blew it trying to create personal legacies and here we are.

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    The company i was with for the past 3yrs was showing the warning signs. So i took a chance and jumped ship to another company. They have a contract going with Schlumberger to haul liquid nitrogen for their fracs they have going on in GP. It was a big risk but the oil company hasnt showed any signs of slowing their drilling down.
    Aside from oilpatch work they have a bunch of other work with agricultural stuff that keep them busy the rest of the year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomak View Post
    It's a strange one so far. My sister and her husband were in O&G. She bailed when they had kids, they saw the writing on the wall, he got promoted to an American position, and moved to the US about a year ago. Nothing like buying what would be a $2 million house here, for less than 1/4, pool, golf course.... And having nice weather almost year round.

    My brother has been managing a large project, and saw the writing on the wall, hussled his ass, and made himself useful. They made a job to keep him despite cancelling the next 250 million $ project. He's taking a gamble now, applying for a higher level job, which has more chance of being cut, but is a stepping stone to corporate. If it fails, US for him as well.... Or start an equipment company if the downturn is ugly and things get cheap.

    I'm surprised by the speed of the layoffs.

    I'm not sure if ill be tuning at all this year, or just a select few, but I have never had this high of a call volume for all of January and February. My suppliers like Mopac etc all say this I the busiest they have seen it this early in the season.

    I suspect it just hasn't trickled down in the real world.

    And I saw the other day cnrl reported a record profit quarter. That's seems strange.
    Hey Toma, are you definitely not doing any tuning this year? I need a tune for my Cobra sometime within the next month and a half and was going to book a time once I got closer to finishing it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by 04snake View Post
    Hey Toma, are you definitely not doing any tuning this year? I need a tune for my Cobra sometime within the next month and a half and was going to book a time once I got closer to finishing it.

    Yes, ill be doing some. Not sure how much yet. But some for sure. Start probably April 1st ish.

    This year I may slow it down to 3 or 4 days a week. When I say ill stop tuning, its probably cause I just had to deal with a know it all google

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