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Thread: How much RPM do you guys run?

  1. Default How much RPM do you guys run?

    I have an Engle 111 cam, big valve head with dual valve springs. Holset He341, tubular manifold, ported intakes ect. Right now I have my rev limiter set to 6500rpm. The car still pulls hard up top. I am running a completely factory short block with a lightened flywheel. What do you guys rev your 2.3s to? I like the idea of reving up and using the cams powerband. I was thinking of at least going to 6,800rpm. What would you push factory internals to?

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    I rev mine to 9000 but that's a different deal, when I was running stock shortblock stuff everything I read said 7000 was the limit on a stock crank. I shifted at like 6000 with an autoat the track.
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    A little update, I upped my rev limiter up to 6,800rpm and bounced off of it (damn cold tires) a few times. Holding good!! For now!

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