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Thread: 'Show Your Ride for Brandon' Car Show Calgary Sunday Aug. 23

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    Default 'Show Your Ride for Brandon' Car Show Calgary Sunday Aug. 23

    I don't support many car shows...but this one strikes a chord.
    Brandon, 17, and a young 'car guy'...was killed by a drunk driver...2.8 year sentence, released after 1 year.
    His mother, and some sponsors, organized a car show last year...I think this is one that is worth attending.
    Check out the pics of the accident on facebook...pretty scary.

    "On Sunday August 23rd, from 10:00AM to 3:00PM, the second annual Brandon Thomas memorial car show – Show Your Ride For Brandon! – is set to take place at 205 Quarry Park Blvd SE. Brandon was a 17 year old with an affinity for cars when he was killed by an impaired driver on December 6th, 2012.

    To remember him, Brandon’s family put the Show Your Ride for Brandon together, which is a car show and shine memorial for his life. As “he loved everything from driving to mudding and everything in between,” it is a great event to raise awareness about drinking and driving, as well as being surrounded by good people who share the same passion. You can follow this on Twitter at or use the hashtag #showurrideforb

    Brandon’s mother, Cochrane resident Kim Thomas, has been a tireless advocate for stiffer penalties for those who cause harm to others from drunk driving. All funds raised from this event will be going towards a scholarship in Brandon’s name at SAIT Polytechnic for their auto mechanics program."
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