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Thread: Senator, and former Conservative loyalist rips Harper, calls him Dictator

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    Oh there goes goes the anti PC shit. Please tell me who's now the lesser of the two evils? Please tell me what you expect me or us to do.... PLEASE��!
    Canada's number one priority to stop the blood letting, and egomaniacal psycho, is to get rid of harper. So best chance of doing that is voting NDP.

    The NDP has moved far too far to the right on quite a few issues, so long term, if they can build support, green party.

    So, easy. NDP this time.

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    The conservatives were dead, and should have stayed dead. They make claims that they are going to right the ship, then increase deficits by selling Canada out to the Americans.

    Harper is a GW wannabe, and that should be enough to make Canadians want to puke.

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