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Thread: New p/b.

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    Awesome runs!!! Looks like the MPH markers are out between lanes... unless you hammered on the brakes in the MPH trap-LOL! Wicked numbers! Next 9.999
    It actually fell way off on the last run. Delayed in the burnout box when someone pushed some oil and made a huge amount of smoke. When the track was cleared, I started and did burnout, but other guy wasn't ready, so I sat waiting for quite a while until he pulled up. Car was 2 mph faster at 1/8th and a tenth quicker than the 10.007 run, then the knock sensors started pulling timing, and it fell off. Only made 21 mph in the back half on that run. The 10.6 run was 29 and the 10.007 was 27mph. Needed more octane already, and the heat soak didn't help anything, ice was probably almost gone by then as well.

    Really struggling on whether to part it out and move on or keep going.
    3800 V6, Precision billet 6262 turbo and PT-1001 Intercooler
    10.007@135.54 with 1.468 60'

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    simple answer .. keep it build 2nd fiero and have nicole drive the other one with one kid lol
    blacky .. NOW with an old leaky "B cam" 9`s on 17`s , 08 gsxr- 10.35@ 142,
    62 ford falcon rb25 daily
    88 merkur xr4ti tow rig
    93 stang ......soft tune up 7.3X for now...
    Nitrous doesnt kill pistons people do

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