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    Hi guys, my names Samuel Laforest and i'm a sex addicted alcoholic...oops shit, sorry guys bad habit. Anyway i've been peeking around PShop since 09 and decided now is a better time then ever to become an apprentice member (aka junior member). I just opened my new business in Morinville to accommodate customers to absolutely any automotive need whether it be oem or full out custom. What i've got is not glamorous or all out like the bad ass HPS facility but i believe we all need to start somewhere. Enough about that, i'm a diehard Mopar enthusiast although i appreciate all brands. I believe their are too many showroom floor truck groups out there that slap a sticker on their trucks or cars and think its lawdydaww special and what not. I am not looking to be a part of that, i would like to get to know anyone local that is into the heart and soul of the performance and true custom world that makes for a world of gear heads. All that said i think its enough for a cheesy intro lol, if you want to know more about who i am and what i do visit,

    Keep on Keepin on folks
    Samuel Laforest

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    Good luck with your new venture
    1996 Pontiac Trans Am WS6...389 LT1 with Lloyd Elliot Trick Flow heads, BIG cam, 24x system w/LS1 ECU, M6 w/street twin, Moser 9", full suspension...

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