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    I have my 40' Diesel pusher moho for sale and I have a guy "from Arizona" that want to come up and purchase it but can't come till next week. I have two other parties interested in it and want to come up here to look at it. I asked him for his email and cell number so that I can contact him if the sale doesn't go through this weekend and he only give me a email address ending in . A red flag came up when he asked me if I owned it out right or have a loan on it.... Anyone else experience this before? Maybe I'm just paranoid lol
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    First guy with cash. Don't be a nice guy and hold stuff for people. It never ends well. Lots of fake bank drafts going around so unless the guy is willing to meet you at the bank to confirm the draft is good cash only.

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    You're not paranoid,you are seeing it as it is...

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    The kijiji email address is not a scam . Kijiji is doing this now ( masking your real address ) for your safety. This prevents nut jobs and spammers from gaining any real information on you . Let the potential buyers who are close by look at it first. Bank drafts have a watermark in the paper , but yes be careful , hearing lots of stories on fake bank drafts. The Arizona guy is likely legit.

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    I've seen different ways to hide your email and phone number from being harvested. The kijiji address mask is good for the email. For your phone number, you need to be a little creative.

    Instead of 403-222-3456 you post it as 4o3-two two two-three four five six or other combinations like that. Very few spam bots will snag the phone number so only a human will read it.

    As for someone from Arizona calling, My F350 Superduty diesel has been for sale for a while now on kijiji. The majority of the calls I get for it are from places nowhere near here (California, Florida, Chicago etc). They all seem to want me to pay to list my vehicle on their classified system or they want to sell my truck. I tell them the listing I use is free and it's being seen since they saw it and if they want to sell my truck, they need to buy it first. I try to barter with them. Tell them they can list the truck for whatever price they want but until someone delivers my asking price in cash, registration doesn't get transferred.

    For your motorhome, if someone wants to arrive from Arizona, just tell them to bring cash. If they bring a bank draft etc then they can go to a bank and cash it first. Lots of red flags go up when they say someone will arrive to pick it up with a cheque or bank draft for more than the amount you're selling it for and want the cash difference.

    As mentioned above, first person to arrive with cash is the winner. I'd only accept a cheque, bank draft etc if it was someone I know either personally or through the forums. I'd assume your motorhome isn't cheap. I'd also want personal ID information if anything other than cash was used.

    I know they would never go for it but tell them you will hold the vehicle if they send you a bank draft first. You deposit it in the bank then allow the 2-3 weeks to make sure everything transfers properly. If it eventually clears, you then tell the buyer that their payment has finally been accepted and they can pick up the vehicle any time. If they don't want to do the full amount, ask for a 10% down payment as a bank draft and do the same thing with that. If they're serious enough about wanting to buy it, they shouldn't have a problem doing it.

    In the end though, cash is always king. Really piss them off and tell them you want it in Canadian currency.
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    Default Scam or

    I have several members in my Soc that have received personal mail from this group calling it an "event" as well as seeing it advertised on the big screen in game. All have treated it as a scam attempt...I hope...

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