Just wanted to introduce myself and let everyone know that the complete metal prep PickleX 20 is being sold in Canada through myself now and I would like to hear from anyone with questions, concerns, or comments about this excellent product.
In short, over the last 14 years, there has not been a single weld failure or paint adhesion failure when applied correctly. To date there have been many companies successfully applying PickleX 20, saving labor and down time from re-working their projects. Some noted companies ; Lockheed Martin, SpaceX, Bechtel International, C.F.I Inc., United Coatings and Summa Technology for the U.S. Army. Featured on the T.V. show "Trucks" - Spike Channel" "Green Product Awards" National Award Winner 2001 (M.V.P. award)
Edison Award Winner 2013
Dave Grant