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Thread: Hot Rod Drag Week 2016

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    Default Hot Rod Drag Week 2016

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    Watched most of day 1. Hope to watch the rest all week. A bunch of accidents on day 1 including a nitrous vette that hit the wall after going through the finish at 199 mph and that wasn't the fastest pass for the day. I think the fastest pass on day 1 was in the 5 second range.
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    Heard Matt and the Dart are done with a broken trans.
    Saw Derek Mueller run a 9.95 with his FJ40.
    Live feed was cool. Some really cool cars.

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    Just looked on the hotrod web page for the official day 1 results. Quickest car is a 69 Camaro that ran a 6.195 at 240.29 mph.

    Watching day 2 streaming feed right now
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    Drag week was a blast this year. I'll do a write up about it later this week. It was, is the greatest road trip in America and had some of the craziest, nicest and most awesome people around.
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