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Thread: Looking for a 700 R4

  1. Default Looking for a 700 R4

    I'm curious what you guys would do if you were looking for a 700R4 trans to drop in a project. Would you get it built locally or would you buy a built one off the net ?

    I've had bad luck in the past with local shops building me overpriced crap.

    It would be going behind a sbc with a somewhat lumpy cam but nothing serious. I'm looking for mildly firmer than stock shifts but nothing crazy.

    Let me know what you would recommend. I'm in Calgary.

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    Never mind, getting a local shop to. Build me one.

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    Which local shop, if you don't mind me asking. Mine is going to need to be looked at, it slips on the 2-3 shift.
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    National transmission on 14th st. NW. I think his name is Brock. A guy at mopac recommended him and when I phoned he made all the right noises like he understood what I was looking for. Cheaper than buying a crate trans and the guy at mopac said warranty on a crate trans can be a pain.

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    With National i would be positive on what parts they are putting in the trans.. From experience have paid for aftermarket parts and got stock stuff mixed with aftermarket.
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    Default Looking for a 700 R4

    Because I am new to the area I am not too familiar with the performance shops. I am looking for everyones recommendation, of who they would go to if they wanted to have a coil over setup installed on my S4?

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