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Thread: Gas life span ?

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    Default Gas life span ?


    I cannot seem to find out it's life span.
    Anyone know, for sure ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reeves1 View Post

    I cannot seem to find out it's life span.
    Anyone know, for sure ?
    It all depends, so many variables.

    I personally am not a fan of keeping race fuel for longer than 12 months. And that is in a situation where it is stored in a room temperature environment with no direct sunlight/heat cycling applied to it with it being open and closed a minimal amount, along with having the barrel be fairly full.

    If stored properly, a brand new sealed barrel is easily good for two years.

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    5 - 8 gallons in the cars tank.
    Put in this spring & will not likely be started till after Xmas or next spring.

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    to just start the car it will be fine in a controlled enviroment (heated garage) till next year but don't use it under load. Be sure to put some sea foam in the tank to prevent gumming. You can burn it off just under normal driving but don't race it as it would probably detonate.... I leave 1-2 gallons in my car so I can start the car a few times over the winter to bring the engine to temp and circulate the oil. Then in the spring fill full with fresh.

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    I've used race fuel that was two years old in a sealed container in a controlled environment and had no issues as well.....

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    Default Gas life span

    in these hybrids, you get to keep you gas/diesel engine. Its just supplemented by compressed air.

  7. Default Gas life span

    Started after the tune, or started after shitty gas? Those are two completely different things.

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